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  • Does your skin feel off balance?
  • Do you want your skin to feel cleaner?
  • Do you feel like your skin is dry and breaking out, yet still oily?
  • Does your moisturizer or serum fully penetrate into your skin?
  • Do you have darkness, pulling or white bumps around your eyes?
  • Do you feel like your makeup is getting caught in your dry patches?

It is all about balance, pH balance. If your skin is not properly balanced, the products you apply will not be able to work to their full potential. Starting simple, using our Basic Skincare Line, allows your skin to set the stage and becomes a clean canvas for all subsequent product use. Our Dual Action Eye Lid Cleanser and Eye Makeup Remover delicately cleanses the thin skin around the eyes while prepping to accept the proper eye cream. By taking care of the skin around the eye area, our formulations help to smooth fine lines, reduce puffiness and lighten darkness. One product then balances the other. By properly cleansing and toning, your pH balancing your skin and it then becomes ready to accept a serum and moisturizer. Exfoliating your skin every 7 to 10 days helps to remove any dead skin cells. Our gentle, nonabrasive glycolic exfoliator is effective in removing the barriers that block the absorption of important ingredients. When first starting with a skin care routine, this Basic Skincare Line is the most important step. Using the correct cleanser and toner is imperative to laying the foundation of great skin care. Once you cleanse and balance your skin, the difference is instantly noticeable. Seeing firsthand the changes to your skin will enhance your skin care routine which in turn will continue to reward you. The obvious transformation of your skin helps you build trust in a skin care line. Trust the power of Vezze and embrace the promise.

Basic Skincare


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