About Vezze

With over thirty years of professional skin care experience, as well as the love of helping her clients along with a desire to educate, Nicole Corbin, the founder of Vezze, created this innovative skin care line. As a licensed cosmetologist, esthetician and paramedical clinician, Nicole blended her knowledge and experiences with well-respected chemists. Together they designed a product line that offers help to all skin care types. From Anti-Aging to Hydration, Rosacea to Acne and all skin types in between, Vezze products target each individual’s specific needs. 

Skin care is all about an individual’s unique proper pH balance. Achieving one’s personal pH balance is where the magic begins, and the differences shine through. Nicole designed and developed her most effective product line by polling hundreds of her clients asking what they would like to see in a skin care line. After more than three years of research and development, those client responses and endless testing led to the birth of Vezze in 2015.

Vezze is a superior skin care line, designed to be informative, and educational. With a commitment to explaining ingredients and why they are used, Vezze offers you the knowledge to make better choices. By learning about our carefully crafted formulations, you will know that VEZZE IS SUPERIOR. It is often proven that knowledge enhances the end result. VEZZE IS KNOWLEDGE.

We live in a world where there are so many promises. Vezze does more than promise, it delivers. When you see the difference in your skin, the true benefits of Vezze reflects that promise. 

Learn more about Nicole, her One on One Specialty Spa and how she educates her clients using this informative skin care line.

You spoke. Vezze listened!​

Over the years, I have relied on you, those that embrace the power of Vezze, to make Vezze products even better. I have received so many wonderful suggestions and it is those very suggestions that have led to the following signature changes. It is evolutions like these that helps keeps Vezze Formulations growing:

  • Over the next few months, you will notice that our labels are changing. Many have remarked how our clear labels, on our clear bottles made the wording a little hard to see. In response, we have updated our labeling and our packaging to reflect a more distinctive font, written on white labels. These improved changes have helped make our product labels stand out and easier to read.
  • Most importantly, we are changing some of our formulas. At Vezze Formulations, we strive to keep our signature products current, and we are committed to keeping them at the high level of excellence that you have come to expect. When new AND proven key ingredients become available, we look to our chemists to formulate a better version of what you have come to know from Vezze. You will notice that some of our products are now clear and may notice that some of our consistencies have changed. Please know that these changes, which happen after many months of careful research, allow us to use less color and more natural ingredients. These changes will further enhance our highly effective, powerful results– results that you and others will notice, instantly.

Allow The Science Of Vezze to Embrace Your Skin While You "Embrace The Promise of Vezze"


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