Deep Pore Clarifying Serum


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Vezze Formulations Deep Pore Clarifying Moisture Gel is a special exfoliating gel that is formulated to be left on the skin all day. Taking advantage of the oil soluble properties of Salicylic Acid, this gel provides an exceptional deep cleaning and skin exfoliating experience.

Formulated in a soothing, moisturizing, and protective Seaweed Extract, this incredible ingredient provides hydrating, conditioning, and smoothing benefits to equalize the exfoliation process.

For oily, problematic skin, this gel is a necessary step towards balancing sebum levels and reducing pimples and outbreaks. Using an oil soluble active significantly improves skin pore penetration, cell exfoliation and hydration. The three pivotal steps in treating problematic skin.

This gel also contains salicylic acid which is a strong chemical exfoliating agent and powerful beta hydroxy acid that dislodges dead and damaged skin cells. It also lifts excess oil from clogged and infected skin pores. This engaging gel is left on the skin to work its wonders all day long in order to maximize exfoliation, sebum reduction and the balancing of the skin.


  • Exfoliates dead and damaged cells
  • Opens clogged pores and cleans them from within
  • Helps prevent future outbreaks by constricting pore diameter
  • Moisturizes to restore skin equilibrium
  • Reinforces the skin’s protective barrier


Best when applied in the morning and night. First cleanse and tone. Then use the Deep Pore Clarifying Serum followed by the Matte Complexion Cream for day or the Shine Free Hydrating Gel for night.


To exfoliate dead and damaged cells dispense about a dime-sized amount onto your fingertips and smooth sparingly onto clean skin. Avoid direct contact with eyes. Recommended for oily and problematic skin.


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